Work as a web model.

     Webcams are so limitless virtual space that the desire and positive attitude of the webcam model in a short period of time can lead to the creation of a "miniature virtual film studio", where the video chat model at the same time:
- starring actress: webcam model with a leading role
- director, video chat director
- own accountant tracking his income
The game approach in the web model at work makes video chatting similar to small films or shows. A video chat model, imagining that she runs her own small film studio, embodying her images, able to achieve a noticeable increase in video chat visitors with her participation, which increases her income.
    You are a webcam model, you are an international star working in the field of virtual leisure.
Your speeches in video chat are held in different countries of the world. Your video chat shows are eagerly awaited by millions of men around the world.

Working 3-5 hours a day is $ 350-500 per month. Now decide for yourself how much you will work!
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